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Lover of Wild Horses

I am very inspired by the stories or movies I enjoyed with my son when he was very young. We listened to every story, from Black Beauty, Seabiscuit , Spirit of Cimarron to War Horse. We enjoyed every movie and listened to every movie theme songs. Spirit of Cimarron songs was our waking up music for my son school when he was just 8 years old.  We rushed thru the crazy morning chores prepared for school, yet our heart and mind dance to the music of Spirit of Cimarron. The stallion spirit  be our strength for years , keeping us strongly bonded. In year 2008, I was into managing an art gallery business and met an impressive artist , Mr Qi Hong from China. His abstract horses amazes me, empowered me to fantasize my art into the next level of imagination. Certainly I am empowered by Bryan Adam songs, to capture the spirit of these wild horses into my new series of art themed upon semi-abstract horses.   I am all out for " Protect our horses, give them the power to live their carefree li

Circle's Calm - Nest

Circle's Calm-  Nest  The circle is a complex symbol that projects the meaning of totality, wholesomeness, perfection, equality, completeness, absoluteness and eternity.    To draw a circle looks easy at first glance, yet to draw a circle freehand requires deep concentration and perseverance if perfection and balance are to be achieved.  Repetitive practice is called upon.  In Circle's Calm  art series, the circle to make a art statement.  Imagine a perfect circle that was then filled with peaceful colors, shapes and motifs to convey a story/ message.  Attaining the perfect circle, I could then transfer life to its inner section and tell my story with colors.   This piece of art is meant to radiate life as well as positive energy that emanates from the calm within.  My brush anchored and my strokes were calm as the colors merged and spread peace as my story enfolded. Both my body and mind remained calm so as to achieve positive energy.  I believe positive energy can radiate nea

Origami Crane- Peace Abundance

  Simplicity- The Wing of Hope                                                                                        Senbazu Origami crane is a symbol of peace and calm.  We can fold an origami crane with Origami paper, and the process of folding origami gives one the feeling of calm.   My project is to create unique origami crane with my art design masking into the outline of an origami crane, giving the unique feeling and design. Each piece is built with peace and calm while I painted my art-piece, with a story.  It is then after, I traced the outline of the origami crane and masked my   art to the body of the origami. It is a unique way I discover thru my experiments over months at Covid-19   lockdown. It is a process that gives calm and peace when you construct this art-piece. In that, when you own any of the origami crane and use it as a decorative art on the wall at home, you will feel the energy of peace and calm into your home. In tradition, the Japanese believe th