Nature Series

Good Heart Series-  The Flow
Good Heart Series of Artwork is inspired by the first of its piece , " The Flow " . In a calm and peaceful environment , everything within is in balance. "The Flow" portray  a center that abstractly
painted with water flowing in , and  Frangi penny floras floating in the water at center. Center as in human body, is much align with the anatomy, the heart.  In a good heart ,we see beauty of colors blending to the feeling of warm, peace and enlightenment.
Above is the floras flowing towards the center, framing the painting as balance. with the sky in blue.
As water runs thru the stream below, we see mystical fishes , half the bodies, for us to find them.
Clear water flow in stream below, washing the rocks and pebbles, as floras flow along.  The energy
in " The Flow" is to see it and create a balance in your emotion, and flow along with the good heart and start the day with all the positiveness of life.

The Trust in Flow

The Trust in  Flow -  The Six Carps  Flow with Lotus define the inner peace of our heart 
and mind.

In this small community of 6 carps, they developed the trust among themselves with one another. 
Trust is the biggest unit in life , that bring unity
to the harmony of a home and bigger space a country. 
With trust, we flow along the direction that the leader flow.
As yet the lead must have the clear mind of 
peace and harmony, and lead the rest of the
carps to flow peacefully. 

To a destination of beauty  in simplicity.

Double Joy 

Double Joy is a pair of jumping carps when they feel happiness within their heart.
Spontaneously they will rise up to the occasion of happiness. Set the turbulence of water in the river.
Circular ripples of joy transferring the

happiness to the watcher standby the river. Happiness multiple and so is prosperity .

Melting with Emotion Close up

Melt with Emotion

Melt with emotion - is created on rice paper 
and is colorful Chinese Ink as background, and the acrylic colorful mix filled in the texture of the mountain, and sea. Colorful ink filled in as mixed media.  Gold cast as light upon the mountain and night .

A semi abstract of the nature of ice mountain
in the night, with the melting effect imagination.

Melt in emotion is about the need to wake up 
to the global warming.  
Protect our nature for our next generation to
live on peacefully.

Melt with emotion

The Three Sisters Mountain

The  Three sisters mountain - is painted with acrylic colors on canvas. Is snowy time. The fir trees are all happy to feel the flaky snows. 


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