Flora and Fauna

Waking up After Storm

Waking up after storm - is created on rice paper with Chinese Ink in the modern context
of brush strokes.

The lotus lilies are fragile beauty. They love to hide under the lotus big leaves when the storm arrived.
After storm, they will emerge a new refresh self, greeting the new light of the day.

The Dividing Line
The Dividing Line
The dividing Line - is a abstract of lotus lilies floating in water painted in art block.  Water color .

In life, there is always a dividing line we need to be aware of. Crossing the line involve deep concentration of the mind, a leap that will not touches the sensitivity of other beings. Imagine the walk on a golden line.
The Angel Connection - is painted with watercolor on art block.
Angle Connection

Recharge - is created with watercolor on artblock.
It is an abstract vision of the energy flow dynamically into the semi view of the earth. Casting light and color to the earth.

Recharge- is an abstract of energy recharging the Earth. Colored in a watercolor art blog media
Freshness of Morning

Freshness of morning-  is created on rice paper, with Chinese Ink color, a semi abstract of nature, blending of outline of Lilies and leaves.
With water showered in, to refresh
in morning sunlight, yellow and bright.

This remind us that we need to be recharge with new energy each phases of life.

The Rainbow Manifest

Rainbow Manifest- is painted with watercolor of flowers of multi colors to bring light to life.

The Season

The Season - is a acrylic painting of floras on canvas.

It portray the lightness of floras in fresh morning, eager to greet us a good morning.


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