Rabbits In Love

A welcome with pride !
A WELCOME with pride

She dance her way to the center of the stage. Her arms distinctively raised above her shoulder, poise as a Lady Ballerina  rabbit eager in her first solo dance.
Applaud amidst the hall.
Elegantly she forget herself and flow into the stage.
Music play on....immerse in her dance.

Her senses comes to life, the stage light shine upon her.
Her artificial wings flipping, fly like a butterfly.
Yet she knows she is a rabbit that will dance with her legs.

In life is about the moment we face reality, and the moment we are in between two world.  Is that a confusion or a test of our mind?

In this case, the animal story of a rabbit , the little animal tell us if our heart is truthful and our mind is with clarity, we will know who we are . The peace is strong within and we be guided back to our dance, with two feet.

Watching out for one another.
Watching Out for One Another

In the partnership of any relationship, the the rabbit care for one another genuinely. Their heart believe in love with loyalty, no wind or storm will bring any changes.

The yellow rabbit attired in the Love skin. She was watching out if any danger coming along, while the partner rabbit take his rest.

In reality, many of our relationship in human life holds much shallow feeling
in this modern society.  Is time we call back the lesson from the rabbits, to
value the heart more than the materialism in life. Love and care for your partner
for life with genuine feeling, as you meditate into  this painting.

Infinite Closeness

Infinite Closeness

Not often we question our mind how close we can be with our partner. Marriage signifying a bond in paper and words. Would the heart of the both be closer each moment in the partnership?

In this Infinite Rabbit pair, they are inseparable by skin patterns. Defining the infinite closeness of their heart, that gradual surface the feeling to their skin.
The color of the male reflect in the female, a symbolism of infinite bond.
In cozy comfort, they both sheltered under the love leaves of nature. Irregardless they each face different direction, have different focus in life, they show us their heart are united, and the unity surface into their skin color and motifs.  
May we be growing old with our love ones in this closeness, to eternity.

Jazz under the Olive tree .
Jazz Under the Olive Tree.

Both his ears rose up , pointy towards one another, alertness to the sound of music,
his heart play along.

His feet dance the step of joy , as the olive 
leaves dance along. One feet touching the ground, on the wise roots of the Olive tree.
The vibration of the knowledge from the
olive tree rise up to energize his heart.

The wind blow his apron up, add sensation to the sound of music.

In life we must seek the moment of "being alone " and immerse in the joy of our own being.  In recollecting the self, we only can 
surface to the level to connect with our love
ones in reality.

PicaGuz Series

The Unity Dance is about the Ying Yang of a couple
in ballet dance.  The dance will coordinate the movement to the synchronization of the heart and mind.

The male support the female with his full attention
to her flow of movement.

She focus with her ears down, and be sensible the movement.

 PicaGuz Series - The Kiss

 The Kiss is about love.
 As per imperfection in life , the outline of the male
 and female rabbits are in think black lines.

 The body is flow of flora to energize the couple to a level of love , that enable a romanticism kiss.

Love in the secret garden

Love in the Secret Garden

In the rice paper, the Chinese Ink colors flow
like rainbow , creating flowers blooming to the 
Hiding in is the lover rabbits, talking to one another, " I love you "

At times, we need to seek the quiet space and moment to communicate our love.
In that moment of heart to heart talk, we see
colors surrounding lighten up to the occasion.

Life . love and energy is in a circle !


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