"Embrace Moment "..Spreading Peace

           Love is an expression straight from your heart........
                   A good feeling so anchored on within you, for your child, your love ones.
                        You just cant tell it , you have to show it.....
                                        My art will share with you the ideas to show LOVE.

We must have peace within and love will reside in our heart.  With love in our heart, we will feel calm within us and among people we are with. Eventually we evolve to be a fun loving person, that sow a seed of  peace to everyone we interact with.

I have initiated the "Embrace Moment " series of painting on 19th of June 2016,depict the calm shares between Mama and their young one.
The emotions of this series of artwork are reflected by a calm Mama bunny concept originate by my feeling and art emotions.  My inspirations are derived from my rabbits connection that my family raised and raising since early year 2001.
Young one often are very mischievous, yearn to be close to Mama all time.  Mama has lots of work to do... Yet Mama has to have her  exercise time to attain peace. Both  Mama and bunny can  unite in a embrace position as portray in this painting. 
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You can view more of my art portfolios.

Bunny Mama Memories of Love

This is a series of artwork that portray the special love of each mama for their baby. I painted the Bunny Mama and her baby to tell the story of each emotion.  In each moment that we are growing up our baby, we have special moments in life, that will stay on as sweet and origin memory.  Memories that will last for life.
We like to keep these memories forever in our heart and our mind.  Each of these artworks are with a message that paint the calm of this Mama and Baby relationship.
At present moment, these series of work are available in cards and posters, and will gradual be
created into Mama's Dairy in August 2016.  Mama will be able to use this Diary to write in their
special moment, and keep it to the day when it will be presented to baby, when he or she be much older.
Is a special gift we all will treasure, memories of our love between Mama and Baby.

Mama and Baby watching Queen of Night Blooming.

Queen of the Night Flowers blooming timely in mid morning.
It will open once for the night, and fade the next day.
Is a very special occasion to watch the Queen of Night Blooming.  Many Mama rabbits will camp and dance in the
park to wait for the blooming of Queen of the Night.

This beautiful blooming  moment last for only the night.
In comparison to the experience of Mama's heart that blooming
with love to our baby, it last forever. We mothers have a special bud in our heart, that blooming night and day, years .

So, this special Mama Bunny, carry her baby to the Queen of Night garden and hold him tight. One can see baby sucking his five fingers in calm trust the comfort of Mama soft shoulder, feel the special moment in life.

Mama and Baby Napping Moment
On some special day, we play with our baby in the garden. Baby love to play hide and seek.  " Come and find me Mama !"
Baby love to hide and feel thrilled when Mama call out " Where are you baby ...Peeka Boo...." 
Baby feel anxious and he has his little secret place to hide. 
 Here come big Mama " Catch you !" Yeah ...and they hugged one another so lovingly.
 They had many rounds of hide and seek, and baby was extremely energetic.
 However tired Mama be, she will continue play on with baby. It define the strong Mama's love for  our little one. Mama was able to endure all hardship, 
However in reflection , those fun moment are special . Mama will want to write it out in Mama's Dairy.  The final moment, both Mama and baby are exhausted and fall asleep 'embraced in everlasting love ". 
Mama's body is always a soft pillow of love for baby. May I ask you all Mamas one simple question? 
"Would you ever want to hold those memories close to your heart, when you were napping with 
baby on the bed , feel the softness of their breath, and the embrace of the mother and child's love?
Honestly, all Mama love to turn around the clock, hang on to that moment of embrace.  
I very much wish I am able hold these memories till I am 80s, if I live that long. 

Mama and Baby Disciplinary Moment.

Baby bunny is always attracted to new experiences in life.  Each encounter is new finding for the curious mind of the young. This painting show the Baby Bunny was attracted to the Queen of the Night Flower Bud.  He is ignorance to the danger of falling and breaking of flower pot. Excited  as he can be, he climbed up the pot with all his energy. 
Mama Bunny watched with calm.  Is disciplinary moment ! 
We must always be calm when implement discipline to our children.
Mama bunny exemplified the calm by kneeling down with open arm and closed eyes to show
" Mama love you very much. Baby , please come down  and be in my arm of love. No climbing pot."
The emotion intelligence of the Mama  Bunny informed us that we must always use "calm and love"
to deliver a disciplinary message to our children. When baby bunny is down, Mama will calmly 
explained how dangerous the climbing can be ,if he felled. In each of the other curiosity mind 
situation, baby must learn to "think what is harmful"before engaged his energy into the action.



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