The Secret Garden - Mama and Baby

The Secret Garden   embodies the nurturing  environment where Mama uses nature to educate Baby. She initiate the learning for Baby thru the " sensory" method specifically using a specie of flower and the garden environment.  Each specific flower that Mama chooses, enable her to formulate a thematic approach to impart certain values of life to Baby.

Meanings and Symbolism of Flower
۱  Yellow Orchid  represent the exotic feeling of a relationship, define warm friendship, joy and new beginnings .

۲   Sunflower resemblance of the sun, bring the symbolism of  the warmth, positivity, strength , power and happiness of the Sun.

۳  Spider Chrysanthemum as in Japanese sees its meaning, it represent a symbol of the sun, and that the way in which the flower opens its petals denotes perfection. The Chinese define it as a noble plant.  In some parts of Asia the flowers are boiled up to make a sweet tea like beverage. This is a  medicinal drink.  The healing power of nature reside in Chrysanthemum flower.

۴  Carla Lily represent  Faith and Purity.  Aligning its purity and elegance feel and appearance  it projects out  liveliness and innocence of youth۵  Iris is often associated with royalty as in the meaning of grandeur. Iris is named as Iris by the Greek is to honor the Rainbow Goddess and bring favor upon the earth.  
Iris is also inspired the fleur-de- lis, the National symbol of France. In US, Iris is the state flower for Tennessee.
۶ Peonie represent the meaning of  nobility, honor, and wealth.  In China it is  referred to as the “king of flowers”  It has layers of petals that formed into a ball shape, full and beautiful.  It is a flower of  medicinal too in the ancient era, used by many to treat illness.

Exotic Orchid- Blooming for Mama and Baby Tortoise

The art statement in this series of the "Secret Garden " manifest a holistic nurturing of Baby's growth from loving Mama. In the garden of joy, the Mama and Baby playing happily, Baby sommersaults and reaches out to call for Mama " Come and play with me. " Mama emerges from Orchid bloom and blows a " loving kiss " to Baby. Yeah ..yeah, my little one, I catch you ."

Van Gogh Sunflower Delight- In the Secret Garden of Mama and Baby Tortoise

Sunflower is a reflection of energy and joy. It symbolism of energy of sunlight cast into earth, warm our heart , empowering us to love deeply in all our relationship. Baby tortoise is curious of the energy of the flower and climb into the center of the Sunflower. Now , baby is the center of attraction...always want to be.

In his mind, he wants to play with Mama, and keeps calling " Come and find me, Mama."Mama always worries about the safety of baby.  Mama uses all her energy and climbs up and checks every sunflower and find Baby in the center of Sunflower.  Her exhilarating voice rings out , " I have found you...,my little one, " You are the Sunflower of my heart."

Iris - The granduer of Mama and Baby Relationship.

The Iris symbolism of graduer and noble feeling of a relationship between two.  It perfectly define the special relationship between the Mama and Baby tortoise.
 The Iris petals are soft and gives the feeling of comfort and love.  In the softness of the feeling, Mama and Baby both reach out their hand for a " High Five "  Yeah Mama..." I love you ."

Spider Chrysanthemum - Medicinal Kiss , Stretch out for Mama
When our kid was young,we love to bring them to the garden to play. In the garden,we will feel the joy of the surrounding nature, see the beauty of each flower and smell its fragrance. Baby tortoise climbing up the branch, attracted by the scent of the Chrysanthemum .The spider petals tickle Baby and he giggles and laughs happily.
This Garden of Joy is like a secret place for the two of them to share their happiness together.  Baby is always playful, and full of energy. Mama loves Baby so much that she will play along with Baby.  As they play joyfully, they are intoxicated by the beauty of the flowers and their fragrance.
Mama send a loving kiss to Baby , as Baby reaches out his hand to call for Mama " Come and kiss me Mama."

The Purity of Love between Mama and Baby

Carla Lily symbolizes the purity of the relationship between two person.  Mama and Baby chooses to be in the Carla Lily Garden.
Mama is resting on a big leave, upon a bunch of fresh blooming white pink Carla Lillie.  There are eight stalks of Carla Lillie , a good numerology.
Baby tortoise is playing hide and seek and he climbs on a big Carla Lily and curiously looked down and call out excitedly , " I found you ,Mama ."

Mama  has no response to the call. She is so absorb into the nice comfort zone of the Carla Lillie.
Baby is very persistent in his loving call....and rings out again " Hey Mama...I love you so much...bigger than the ocean and brighter than the big Mama..Wake up!"Mama, will you play with another game of " Hide and Seek " with me ?  Baby continues his persuasion.
Will Mama wake up...?

Peonie represent the meaning of nobility, honor, and wealth.  In China it is referred to as the “king of flowers”  It has layers of petals that formed into a ball shape, full and beautiful.  It is a flower of medicinal too in the ancient era, used by many to treat illness.   Mama and Baby embraces in the center of the peony. Peony opens wide, welcoming Mama and Baby into the World of Love . Layers and layers of Peony petals exemplify  the layers of love we have for each other in mother and child relationship.
Peonie - The Layers of Love, thickness of Mama and Baby relationship


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