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In Shell - The peace and Calm within

Meeleng Claxton -  Artist for Peace and Calm

Within a Shell

Often, we think  that  animals with a shell as an external covering have protection from any danger. In today's society whereby there are unending chaotic schedules and commitments, we human too wish that there is a shell for us to hide in  and protect us against the storms of life.   .
As an artist, my message to the world is through my deep thinking process of peace and calm. Over the years, I hv observed and studied animal (  Lagomorpha ) behavior, and come to the conclusion that they live an extremely peaceful  and loving life. While conceptualizing my series of artwork, my artist statement is that Peace and Calm should be an  essential part of the human centric system " Within  a Shell" portrays  the bunny seeking peace and calm, holding a lotus bud and feeling very secured within the shell. Thus human centric balance is achieved!
Meeleng Claxton , 10th August 2016

 Ears Pointing to  the Heart of  the She…

The Secret Garden - Mama and Baby

The Secret Gardenembodies the nurturing  environment where Mama uses nature to educate Baby. She initiate the learning for Baby thru the " sensory" method specifically using a specie of flower and the garden environment.  Each specific flower that Mama chooses, enable her to formulate a thematic approach to impart certain values of life to Baby.

Meanings and Symbolism of Flower
۱  Yellow Orchid  represent the exotic feeling of a relationship, define warm friendship, joy and new beginnings .

۲   Sunflower resemblance of the sun, bring the symbolism of  the warmth, positivity, strength , power and happiness of the Sun.

۳  Spider Chrysanthemum as in Japanese sees its meaning, it represent a symbol of the sun, and that the way in which the flower opens its petals denotes perfection. The Chinese define it as a noble plant.  In some parts of Asia the flowers are boiled up to make a sweet tea like beverage. This is a  medicinal drink.  The healing power of nature reside in Chrysanthemu…