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"Embrace Moment "..Spreading Peace

Love is an expression straight from your heart........
                   A good feeling so anchored on within you, for your child, your love ones.
                        You just cant tell it , you have to show it.....
                                        My art will share with you the ideas to show LOVE.

We must have peace within and love will reside in our heart.  With love in our heart, we will feel calm within us and among people we are with. Eventually we evolve to be a fun loving person, that sow a seed of  peace to everyone we interact with.

I have initiated the "Embrace Moment " series of painting on 19th of June 2016,depict the calm shares between Mama and their young one. The emotions of this series of artwork are reflected by a calm Mama bunny concept originate by my feeling and art emotions.  My inspirations are derived from my rabbits connection that my family raised and raising since early year 2001. Young one often are very mischievous, yearn to be close to M…

My Art, My Vision.

Meeleng Claxton, 2019
My digital space is where I share my  creative artworks with my friends and associates. On Review Page will featured the owner comments on the art piece and the artist.  Kindly visit the Review section on the right to know the joy derived from seeing Mee Leng's art.

Series of artwork are produced over years, with careful choice of topics and inner feeling of peace and calm. My belief is that each piece of art has its own life, and the painter can impart her peaceful energy to the artpiece, with mindfulness that the audience of her artwork will feel the same level of peace and calm.  Simplicity speak louder , and in such all my artworks are focus on simplicity, surrounds by storyunique to each situation.  I want my owners of my artprint to feel peace and calm, at the instant they look at the artpiece.  Feel joyful and feel connected to my mission. My mission is to spread Peace and Calm to the world. By owning my artprint, you are helping a humble painter to spread …