In Shell - The peace and Calm within

Silence is where Peace and Calm Rise........

Meeleng Claxton -  Artist for Peace and Calm

Within a Shell

Often, we think  that  animals with a shell as an external covering have protection from any danger. In today's society whereby there are unending chaotic schedules and commitments, we human too wish that there is a shell for us to hide in  and protect us against the storms of life.   .

As an artist, my message to the world is through my deep thinking process of peace and calm. Over the years, I hv observed and studied animal (  Lagomorpha ) behavior, and come to the conclusion that they live an extremely peaceful  and loving life. While conceptualizing my series of artwork, my artist statement
is that Peace and Calm should be an  essential part of the human centric system
" Within  a Shell" portrays  the bunny seeking peace and calm, holding a lotus bud and feeling very secured within the shell. Thus human centric balance is achieved!

Meeleng Claxton , 10th August 2016

 Ears Pointing to  the Heart of  the Shell

After a long tiring day of work, Mama bunny wishes to have peace and calm by herself.  
She stretches her ears, pivoting them to the center of the shell, catching the sound of the ocean.
Achieving the animal centric system.

The sound of ocean waves travels thru the shell , vibrating into  her body.  Mama closes her eyes and holds her Lotus in a calm posture.  And reflects on  peace and calm of the world.

MeeLeng Claxton , 10th August 2016

Shooting Star - Mama with  Pearl of Peace

Mama Bunny opens the shell with her strong slender ears,
catching the music of the ocean. In one hand holds the Lotus of Calm, and the other hand holds the Pearl of Peace.
She closes her eyes and embraces the silence, praying for peace and love for the World.

Her little bundle of joy, like all young mischievous little ones, eagerly awaiting  to experience life. He climbs up the shell and with his catapult, he aims at the shining star.  At this very  moment, he feel invincible, Bravo!.

Mama prayer fully  says " Enjoy your experience but let's not bring the star down.  We need its light to brighten our sky, and shine  in our heart, loving deeply Nature and all. "

MeeLeng Claxton, 10th August 2016 


Music of Peace and Love 

Mama Bunny opening her ears, facing the shell , capturing the music of the calm ocean. 

The calm surrounds her body and vibrates into her heart. 
She blow her flute the music of love, and her baby move to the beat of  the music. Mama Bunny portrays a beaming smile. The Joy of Motherhood

Meeleng Claxton , 10th August 2016

         Hold my hand Mama !

Millions of  devoted Mamas, often hear this phrase -
" Hold my hand, Mama " Anywhere, everywhere and anytime.

It is when our kids were very young, they feel that holding their Mama's  hand is so special.  It defines the moment of closeness, infinite love, peace within, calm restored.

As our kid grows much older, they have their own space and " Hold my hand ,Mama !" will not be heard so often.

Thus,  "Hold my hand ,Mama " is what we all mothers treasure deeply in our heart, forever, eternity.

Mama Bunny bends her ears towards the shell, and listens to the calm of the ocean. She extends her slender hand to hold baby bunny's hand.
Mama and Baby in Peace and Calm.

Meeleng Claxton , 10th August 2016


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